Memory to Share- Anne Sikorski

George entered our lives fortuitously. He was serving as an expert witness for a senior partner at my husband’s law firm. Immediately recognizing George’s intellect and engaging personality the elderly statesman of the firm introduced George to John the newest member of the firm and intellectually on par with George having graduated from Harvard. But John would confide to me that George was the most brilliant man he knew. But the statesman had another purpose behind his introduction. He knew that George was awaiting the arrival of a child from Korea and he sensed that that was a connection that perhaps might be their strongest. His “bromatching” paid off in many ways. George went home as the story goes and told Cheryl he had met this interesting young lawyer that he hoped he could become better acquainted with and John came home with the same feelings. Luckily for Cheryl and I upon first meeting we felt a connection that would develop into a life long friendship.

As our couple interactions grew we were caught up in the anticipation and excitement of awaiting the arrival of Lee Tae from Korea. Shortly after her arrival we were invited over and when Cheryl placed Lee Tae in my arms to hold my heart melted and John and I looked at each other and George intuitively said: “Why don’t you adopt a child from Korea?” The rest as they say is history. Our families began vacationing together in Oqunquit, Maine with rambunctious toddlers in tow. Our trips to Perkins’s Cove where we devoured lobster rolls at the Lobster Shack, endless trips to the candy shop and dipping dots at the beach are wonderful memories of times not soon forgotten.

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