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Story by Ellen Greenberg

The story I want to share about George Cobb is embedded in my life—my adult life, my professional life—and how he was a brick for me. Please know that a being a brick is the highest compliment in my family.  The basis for a strong foundation, someone everyone could count on, whose contribution lasts aContinue reading “Story by Ellen Greenberg”

Memory to Share- Anne Sikorski

George entered our lives fortuitously. He was serving as an expert witness for a senior partner at my husband’s law firm. Immediately recognizing George’s intellect and engaging personality the elderly statesman of the firm introduced George to John the newest member of the firm and intellectually on par with George having graduated from Harvard. ButContinue reading “Memory to Share- Anne Sikorski”

Riding with George

Have you seen the show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? Jerry Seinfeld drives a comedian to get some coffee and viewers watch them talk. In 2011, when George was the Vernon Wilson visiting professor at Eastern Kentucky University, he invited me to visit and give a talk. One afternoon we took a drive through the countrysideContinue reading “Riding with George”

George Cobb was a friend to K-12 teachers, too

Several times, I heard George Cobb speak to teachers.  He was a stats high guru who shared his understanding of statistics and how to teach it even to K-12 teachers.  He welcomed us into the club.  Thank you, George.

George: stories from Harriet

I don’t know if these qualify as “stories”, but they are metaphors for aspects of George’s career at Mount Holyoke. Kendade, the newest science building at Mount Holyoke, is connected to each of the older ones, including to Clapp Lab, which houses the math/stat department.  In fact, the connector from Kendade to Clapp comes moreContinue reading “George: stories from Harriet”

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